Coin stuffed mistakenly into nose surgically removed after five decades

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November 29, 2020

Is it possible that a person put something in his nose in his childhood and it remained there for years? Apparently yes

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Image: Konchalovsky Clinic

Children often mistakenly put thing in their nose, ears or throat while playing. However, is it possible that a person put something in their nose and it was taken out after many decades?

Looks far from reality but yes it is true. A Russian man had mistakenly put a coin in his nose when he was only six years old and it was taken out from his nose when he turned 59 and complained of breathing problems in his right nostril.

Doctors in Russia said they recently faced a unique case when the patient told them he was unable to breathe through his right nostril for the past several months.

The patient's CT scan showed his nose was blocked by some object. When taken out through endoscopy, doctors were surprised to find that it was a coin.

When they showed it to the patient, he recalled how he had mistakenly put the coin in his nose when he was six and had not told anyone about it due to a fear of his strict mother.

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