Saira Khan opens up about how childhood sexual abuse affected her life

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June 03, 2020

Saira Khan discussed her experience while sharing her thoughts about a new documentary about Jeffrey Esptein

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Saira Khan, popular British Television presenter, opened up about her childhood sexual abuse as she discussed new documentary about Jeffrey Esptein.

The documentary titled "Filthy Rich" explores Jeffrey's past until his death in a prison cell last year.

"I was really scared about watching it. Because obviously having been in a similar situation where I was molested" she was quoted by UK's Daily Star as saying.

Discussing the victims of Epstein's abuse , the "Loose Women" star said, "The moment I found really difficult was there was a girl there, one of the survivors and she talked about before being molested, her life was lovely."

She added:"She felt like she was a flower, she was blooming, and life was ok."I really resonated with that particular woman because that's how I felt, my life was absolutely fantastic and then in that moment, I changed.

Talking about her own experience, she said "That's how I felt, my life was absolutely fantastic, and in that moment I changed - I can never get my innocence.

Saira Khan said, "Up until this moment I have been angry, I've got a defence mechanism around me, it just changes your lives forever."

She added: "Listening to these girls' voices, they're so brave, you can't turn a blind eye and also we have to create a society where if someone says it's happened, you believe them."

The TV star previously revealed that she had been molested by a family member when she was just 13 years old.

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