Painting workshop at Alhamra

June 25,2019

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LAHORE: The Lahore Arts Council (Alhamra) on Monday organised a five-day painting workshop at Alhamra Art Gallery, The Mall.

Alhamra arranged the workshop on the theme of “art’s significance in life”. One of the main arguments in favour of the inclusion of the arts in academic dimensions is that art fosters critical skills and boost overall chances of academic acceleration that eventually lead towards a better future. Art workshops ensure the provision of opportunities for youth and also encourage positivity among students.

Lahore Arts Council Executive Director Ather Ali Khan said one of the most enlightening aspects of Alhamra was the provision of a rich cultural environment to the young and amateur artists and students who had just begun learning arts professionally. He said as far as the workshop was concerned, “I believe that emotional and mental development is very much important for children and teenagers. Therefore, Alhamra through the medium of acting and painting workshop remained successful in engaging children in different activities so they could be able to represent experiences that are hard to verbalise.

They may draw pictures out of proportion or exaggerate things that are important to them”. When we value children's creativity, we help them feel valued as people, raising their self-esteem, he added.

Alhamra has registered 38 children for the workshop and their age ranges from 7-15 years. The workshop will continue till June 28 and certificates will be given to the students at the end of the workshop.


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