International Peasants Day observed

April 18,2019

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LAHORE: International Day of Peasants’ Struggle was observed in the provincial metropolis on Wednesday. To pay homage of peasants’ struggle a seminar on” Peasants Rights Now with Agrarian Reform and Social Justice” was organised at Lahore Press Club.

Mohsin Abdali, demanded compensation for the farmers whose crops were destroyed during recent heavy rain/hailstorm.

In the seminar Nazli Javed of Awami Workers Party (AWP) said, “Social and economic situation of women farmers in the country is worse. Women are not given ownership and share of inheritance in land. In addition, little girls have been working in the houses of feudal lords. These girls are not safe and were not paid.” She said pregnant agrarian women were suffering through even worse situation. There were no health facilities for women farmers. Feudalism is a great barrier in the progress of women, she said.

Dr Ashraf Nizami, Head of Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), said government could not provide health facilities to the farmers of Pakistan. He demanded social security for farmers. Land Reforms should be introduced for the farmers of the country, he demanded.

Agricultural expert Asif Shareef said agriculture was a solution of our every problem. 60 per cent of our population was dependent on it. Agriculture should not be given the least importance. Production required knowledge and its use including resources. Our industrial system had collapsed. Excessive use of fertilisers and pesticides on crops had created health problems.

Farooq Tariq, General Secretary of AWP, said landless farmers were killed in Brazil in 1996 on April 17, when they had protested against feudalism. Struggle of farmers is theme of the day. We support the decision of Imran Khan about houses society not to be built on agricultural land. Environmental changes should be given attention by the government.


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