‘Smoking on the rise among youths’

March 19,2019

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LAHORE: An event was held to create an alliance of civil society organisations, academia, hospitals, youth groups and media to advocate for legislative changes at provincial and federal level for elimination of tobacco use in Pakistan.

Tobacco epidemic is spreading in Pakistan at an alarming rate. Currently, the ratio of male and female smokers has increased in the youth bracket. In the adult bracket, there is one female smoker for every five male smokers; however, among youth, for every two boys, there is on girl, who is a smoker, the speakers said. Although there is a Tobacco Prohibition of Smoking and Protection of Non-Smokers Ordinance no. LXXIV of 2002, passed by the government of Pakistan; which restricts tobacco use at public places and public service vehicles along with restrictions on advertisement, sale and distribution of tobacco products to minors and in the immediate vicinity of educational institutions, however, the implementation of laws under the ordinance has been insufficient.


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