PNCA to screen Uzbek movie

January 20,2019

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Islamabad : Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) in collaboration with The Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan and office of the mayor of Islamabad is holding special screening of film ‘Islam Khuja’ in PNCA Auditorium on Monday (January 21) at 4 p.m.

We do not know much about films, film making and actors in Uzbekistan. The fact is that in film making, Uzbekistan has been a major force (Read: Godfather) in Central Asia. The film activities began there as early as 1915. Regular film making started within a few years in 1924 and Bukhara became the leading centre, first in Central Asia. World War II gave further boost to films and Uzbekistan became a central location for lensing majority of Russian films. Movies gained a stronghold and became a major force in Soviet Union. However, things changed in 1991 with independence from Russia. It was a new beginning with severe setbacks. Uzbekistan had to start from the ashes of the past. Today, Uzbekistan offers not just picturesque locations for film making but also production facilities, highly experienced technicians, artisans and craftsmen. And now ‘Islam Khuja’. The film takes us back to end of ninteenth-beginning of twentieth century , based historical facts and incidents. It is a true story.

An investigator researches on the demise of Prime Minister ‘Islam Khuja’ who had worked for King Kiva Khan. ‘Islam Khuja’ carried plenty of weight, respect and influence over the government matters, at times even more than the king.


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