Aged woman seeks help to reclaim grabbed property

September 11,2018

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PESHAWAR: An aged woman has appealed to chief justices of the Supreme Court and Peshawar High Court to provide her justice and retrieve her ancestral precious property grabbed by her relatives for the last 35 years.

Talking to The News on Monday, Bibi Husan Zari, daughter of Syed Abdul Ghani Bacha of Lundkhwar in Mardan district, claimed that her relatives Shah Syed, Umar Syed, Jamal Syed, sons of Mohammad Syed and Mohammad Jabbar, son of Abdul Jabbar, Hazrat Jamal and others had occupied her precious land and had deprived her of her legal and inheritance rights.

Flanked by her nephews and relatives, the woman said that she was a chronic patient and could not pursue the cases in the court.

She said her influential opponents with the alleged connivance of Revenue Department and lower courts had fraudulently transferred her land through forged papers.

The woman recalled that a local court in Daggar tehsil of Buner district had given verdict in her favour but the land grabbers later misled the court by producing fake papers of settlement of the issue.

She claimed that her opponents were neither giving her legal rights nor any share in the produce of agriculture land.Bibi Husan Zari said she was leading a miserable life despite owning such a precious property. “My opponents hurl threats at me whenever I try to raise the issue through some middlemen and local elders of the area,” she said.

The ailing woman appealed to chief justices of Supreme Court and Peshawar High Court to order a probe into the matter and help her reclaim her property from the influential land grabbers.


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