Nawaz, Maryam issue to be raised in assemblies, says Hamza

September 11,2018

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LAHORE: Punjab Assembly Opposition Leader and the PML-N Central Leader Hamza Shahbaz has alleged that PTI leader Aleem Khan is used to grabbing land and now has been given a task of hijacking the Local Government system, which would not be allowed at any cost.

Hamza said that the PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam had been jailed as a result of a decision which exonerated them from all corruption charges, which speaks volumes regarding the merits of this decision.

He said that the struggle for the freedom of Nawaz and Maryam would be carried out in the court and the issue would also be raised in the assemblies.

He said this outside the house of PML-N worker Jahangir Ghauri where he went to inquire after his health. Hamza said the PML-N workers are the heart and soul of the party and he shared a relation of compassion with his workers and not just political.

Hamza lambasted against the government’s delay in constituting the parliamentary commission to investigate the election rigging. He said if the PTI government believed that they would get away with the most rigged elections in the history of the country without accountability they are mistaken. The PML-N will confront them in and outside the parliament and through legal channels unless this matter is decided through non-partisan investigation and corrective action.

Hamza said that the PML-N was the party that spent over Rs130 billion for the Bhasha Dam land procurement and feasibility study and it will be the PML-N government that would build the Bhasha Dam. Imran Khan needs to understand that every project is not a charity drive and that fund is not the only thing needed for such mega projects, they require utmost strategy, systems discipline and competence, which everyone had seen in the past 20 days, PTI does not possess. He said that the people of Pakistan had already gotten a taste of the “Tabdeeli” in the form of massive load-shedding and exponential increase in the price of gas and electricity. The prime minister would soon realise that alleging from the top of a container is different from actually running the affairs of a country and being accountable for it.


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