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August 29,2018

Is Trump using Twitter excessively?

Raza Mehdi

As we all know Social Media nowadays has become a leading medium to communicate and connect with political leaders and vice versa. Official statements of Govt’s are now being issued on the popular social networking sites in different countries.

The last 10-day data suggests that US President Donald Trump regularly tweets from his personal account. His critics accuse the American leader of tweeting unnecessarily on irrelevant issues.

There are some protocols which one has to follow if he/she holds public office specially when he/she is head of the state. Most of the time, Trump's freewheeling Twitter approach stands in contrast to positions taken by the State Department on global issues.

Mentioned below is the number of tweets Trump and his counterparts posted in the last 10 days.

If we talk about his counterparts including Justin Trudeau, Benjamin Netanyahu, Imran Khan, Tayyip Erdogan & HH Sheikh Mohammed they are also having huge online presence but no one tweets as frequently as Trump does.

Apart from Trump, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also tweets regularly but most of his tweets are based on congratulatory messages and achievements of his Govt. Same is the case with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and there are some leaders including Benjamin Netanyahu, Imran Khan & Tayyip Erdoğan who tweet occasionally on issues which they think needs their attention or they are supposed to be shared with their online audience.

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