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August 13,2018

Rumours rife about Ehsan Mani’s appointment as PCB chief

Abdul Majid Bhatti

KARACHI: Rumours are making the rounds even before swearing in of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman as the prime minister of Pakistan that top administrative posts at Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) are being changed and former ICC president Ehsan Mani is being appointed as the new chairman of the Board.

On Sunday, when Mani was contacted by the correspondent, he said he was currently living in Doonga Gali near Marree, and he had not been contacted by anyone about giving him any assignment at the PCB. However, he added, the PTI people mostly remain in contact with him as he had been on Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital’s Board of Directors for the last six, seven years.

On the other hand, the incumbent PCB chairman, Najam Sethi, is also waiting for any decision about his removal from the post. His close circles say he may take a decision about his future in the next week.

When he was asked about it by the correspondent last week in Karachi, he said Imran Khan would have the right to make changes in the PCB administrative setup after taking oath as the premier. He said he was ready to resign from his post if Imran Khan wanted so. However, he said until now, he had not decided about leaving the post.

After the 2013 general election, Imran Khan had charged Najam Sethi with rigging the election in Punjab as the caretaker chief minister of the province. Sethi had filed a damages suit against Imran Khan also, and the case is still in the court. After July 25 elections, Najam Sethi had been criticising the PTI chairman severely. Sources claim Imran Khan might send Sethi packing on the pretext of Pakistan Super League (SPL) audit.

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