‘Prof Razi Abedi reframed thoughts of his students’

August 05,2018

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LAHORE : Hundreds of people from different fields of life came along to pay a glowing tribute to Prof Dr Razi Abedi on his meritorious and distinguished literary and teaching services at Alhamra Cultural Complex.

Frawa Qazilbash, Prof Abbas Baig, Prof Rubina Kamal, Dr Hassan Shah, Dr Saadat Saeed, Dr Mehdi Hassan and Dr Mubarik Ali spoke at the event and shared their stories and experiences with Dr Razi Abedi. Mrs Aliya and Munir Chopra were the organisers of the event.

Mrs Aliya said, “Razi Abedi is one of Pakistan's foremost literary figures. He was chairman of the English Department at University of the Punjab, Lahore. He has published extensively on the literature of both East and West.”

Frawa Qazilbash said, “I got the honour to follow my favourite teacher Razi Abedi’s guidelines and opting for English literature as my career also.” Prof Abbas Baig said if you spend an hour with Razi Abedi, it’s equal to reading thousands of books. Prof Rubina Kamal said, “Razi started teaching us at Punjab University. He reframed and modified my thoughts and helped me straightened my life’s direction.”

Munir Chopra said, “We always cherished the lecture of Razi.” Dr Hassan Shah said, “We learned about all the theories from the giant of that era.”

Dr Saadat Saeed said, “Although Razi is a teacher of English teacher, he also achieved a milestone in Urdu literature.” Dr Mehdi Hassan said, “It is a big thing that Razi is witnessing the love and respect of his students in his lifetime. In our society usually, these kinds of events are organised to pay tribute to a person when he leaves us all.”

Dr Mubarak Ali said, “There are many people who get the awards from the government but there are some who get the awards from people.

F.M.Kaifi said, “I salute Dr Razi for working so hard and polishing the students for better future.” Dr Razi Abedi said, “I am overwhelmed to see my students and their love for me. This ceremony will surely set a new tradition. The main reason for my relationship with my student is I never gave a lecture to them I always shared experiences with them so they can learn that life is not a bed of roses. Literature is the mirror of life but nowadays students only see the mirror and ignore the life. I’m thankful to everyone who came here.” At the end of the ceremony, Razi Abedi was given a souvenir in the presence of his wife Riffat Abedi along with sons Safdar Abedi, Ali Abedi, son-in-law Brigadier Sohail Yousaf.


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