Career counselling: questions and answers

July 23,2018

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Q1: I want to get admission in aircraft engineering in Dubai. I will be grateful for your advice. (Afzal Riaz, Faisalabad)A: All institutions or degree awarding universities in UAE are recognised and accredited by their ministry of higher education which you may visit for further information. Aeronautical/ Aircraft Engineering is a specialised area and you have to be very good at Math and Physics.

Q2: I am a student of BBA (Hons) and I have interest in finance. I’m in the fifth semester. Please guide me should I do any short course afterwards or something else? Also I don’t want to be a banker. So far my CGPA is around 3. (Zaheer Ch, Lahore)

A: Since you are doing your bachelors in business administration, you have plenty of options to look at doing a specialty either in marketing, human resource or strategic/information management. If you are not interested in finance you can look at other areas within business domain when going for your postgraduate qualification and as I said depending on your interest and aptitude you can choose a specialty from the above. Anyways doing finance does not mean that you are restricted to do a job in bank.

Q3: Sir, I have done masters in English about a year ago. Please suggest me where should I apply for the job? (Najma Malik, Karachi)

A: Having done your masters in English you have plenty of options particularly in teaching English language. All you need to do is to pick up training material for competitive examinations such as IELTS/ TOEFL and then apply for teaching jobs at academies and schools even now in summer you may look at such training and teaching appointments in your city.

Q4: Dear sir, I did my double masters in Social Anthropology and English literature. Please guide me what opportunity I may have except opting for teaching and PhD. Is there any diploma or further subjects to study at masters level that I may avail as refresher course and join some good earning job. (Kiran Palwasha, Peshawar)

A: Your combination of English and Social Anthropology is ideal. Yes, you can look at teaching jobs at school or college level and of course you can explore your PhD options in Anthropology which is a very progressive/emerging area particularly for females. The areas that you should do your research include gender studies, poverty alleviation, development studies, that are in demand from major INGOs, including UNO, UNESCO, UNDP etc.

(Syed Azhar Husnain Abidi is a renowned educationist in Pakistan, with more than 20 years of experience as provider of education counselling services. He has represented Pakistan in over 100 national and international seminars, conferences and fora. He is a recipient of the most coveted civil award Tamgha-e-Imtiaz).


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