Cuddly toy tiger causes havoc in Scottish farm

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February 09,2018

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A Scottish farm was rummaged around by police officers after reports of a tiger on the loose were filed in. It was later discovered that the puffed up threat was a mere stuffed toy.

The 24-year-old farmer identified as Bruce Grubb was in the midst of hosting a housewarming party at Hatton near Peterhead, when the ostensible beast caught his eye and his radar went on high alert, fretting the safety of his pregnant cows.

The farm was soon swamped with vehicles of an armed response team of the Scotland Police, dispatched around the farm in search of the tiger before it was termed as fake. The police had even ringed in at a nearby wildlife park to check if an animal had runaway.

After finding the menacing creature to actually being a plushy, the officers claimed to have received a “roaring shift”, but still understood that the call was made with good intents.

Inspector George Cordiner, in discussion with BBC, stated "As is standard practice when we are made aware of a potential threat to the public the use of firearms officers was considered as a contingency. In this case, they attended the area in support of the local community officers but they were not deployed nor required."


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