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January 21,2018

Texas women, families march through streets of Texas for Women’s Rights

Raja Zahid

DALLAS: Thousand of women and families participated in a rally in the main cities of Texas for women’s rights and marched from Dallas to Denton, Fort Worth, and Houston to Austin.

Last January, women marched through cities across the country to bring attention to gender issues and today they marched again.

Countless women in cities stretching from Fort Worth to Las Vegas, participated in anniversary marches geared to boost female political involvement and empowerment.

Thousands of people showed up for the Dallas women's march, standing up for women's rights, equal pay, justice and inclusion.

The Dallas march started from St. Paul United Methodist Church. Families with children were seen marching in the rally. The march ended with a rally at Pike Park with music and a lineup of speakers.

Similarly in Fort Worth, a large crowd gathered downtown at the Tarrant County Courthouse ready to march. They also started marching in many more events across the country.

The women’s march has created a powerful movement that has ignited thousands of activists and new leaders.

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