‘Every 10th person kidney patient’

December 12,2017

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LAHORE: Major causes of kidney failure include diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney stones. Transplant is needed when the kidneys leave to perform function. People should not be afraid of transplantation. This is the type of surgery which is not dangerous.

According to an estimate, every 10th person has some kind of kidney disease. One hundred people out of every 10 million are suffering from kidney diseases. Due to kidney diseases, body does not extract raw material, bones get weaker and there is blood deficiency. At initial stage, patient feels less hunger, fatigued and nausea but when condition gets worse, patient feels difficulty in breathing and feels drowsiness.

These views were expressed by speakers in a seminar “Awareness about Organs Transplant” organised by Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman Memorial Society (Jang Group of Newspapers) and Novartis Pharma.Dr Hafiz Shehzad Ashraf (Urologist and TX Surgeon, Sheikh Zayed Hospital), Professor Dr Safdar Hassan Sayal (Urologist and TX Surgeon, Allied Hospital, Faisalabad), Prof Dr Waqar Ahmad (Nephrologist, Bahria Town Hospital), Prof Dr Safdar Ali Shah (Urologist and TX Surgeon, Mayo Hospital), Prof Dr Muhammad Nazeer (Urologist and TX Surgeon, Lahore General Hospital), Associate Professor Fazal-ur-Rehman Khan (Urologist and TX Surgeon, Bahria Hospital), Assistant Professor Zahid Rafique (Nephrologist, Services Hospital) spoke on the occasion.

Wasif Nagi (Pride of Performance, Senior Editor Health, Education, Current affairs and Chairman Mir Khalil-ur-Rehman Memorial Society, Jang Group of Newspapers) hosted the event.

Prof Dr Shehzad Ashraf said transplant is needed when the kidneys leave to perform function. Kidneys' function is to balance water quantity, to control minerals and produce vitamin D for bones growth. Almost two percent of people are suffering from kidney diseases. People who undergo dialysis, 70 to 80 percent of them suffer from hepatitis C.

Professor Dr Waqar Ahmad said each organ has its importance in a human body. If any organ leaves to perform its function then whole body gets affected. A human body has almost 15 lakh filters. If kidney leaves to function properly then acid in body gets increased. Prof Dr Muhammad Nazeer said people who get afraid, 90 percent of their fears are baseless. Therefore, we need to eliminate that fear in people regarding kidney transplant.

Wasif Nagi said there is a lack of awareness in our country. People take pain killers instead of visiting the doctor. They increase or decrease the quantity of medicines by themselves. We need to spread awareness among people regarding this.

Prof Fazal-ur-Rehman said donation of human organs is a great sacrifice. Every person more than 18 years of age can donate kidney. Assistant Professor Zahid Rafique said that after transplantation, patient thinks that he does not need to take medicines more. It is not like that. Patient also avoids doctor. They should not do this. If they are not feeling well, they should consult the doctor as soon as possible.

Prof Dr Safdar Hassan Sayal said that people should not get afraid of transplantation. This is the type of surgery which is not dangerous. Prof Dr Safdar Ali Shah stressed the need for steps to spread awareness about it. —


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