Police raid snooker club, arrest 70 boys

October 26,2017

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Rawalpindi :Banni police raided a snooker club near Banni Chowk and arrested over 70 boys who were playing snooker game on Tuesday night.

On the complaint of people that betting is going on and Gutka and other banned items are being used, a police party of Banni Police Station raided the snooker club situated in front of police station and apprehended over 70 boys. Gutka and other banned items were also recovered. The arrested players remained in the lock-up for several hours. SHO Raja Akhtar admonished the snooker players and released them after the assurance of their parents that they would not indulge in such activities in future.

Parents of the boys appreciated SHO Raja Akhtar who vowed to clean the area under his jurisdiction from illegal activities. They said it was the need of hour that the area should be cleared of illegal activities including use of contraband items, gambling and sale of wine particularly at snooker clubs.

They praised the SHO who is taking action in this regard and his commitment to purge the area of illegal activities. Tahir, Amjad, Asghar, Nasir, Ashfaq, Bilal, Sagheer and several other persons whose sons were apprehended by Banni police, eulogised the move of police to keep eye on snooker clubs where boys, especially school and college students keep on playing snooker late at night without informing parents. They asked the SHO to continue this practice and check illegal activities and eliminate street crimes including snatching of mobiles, looting of citizens and violence in their area.


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