Transgenders demand 3pc job quota

September 26,2017

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LAHORE :Three per cent job quota should be given to transgenders and they should be given seats in the parliament as well, demanded transvestites in a press conference held by Khawaja Sara Society at Lahore Press Club on Monday.

According to them, around 10,000 transgender people were shown in the census across the country. The number showed in the census could only be in one city, they said and demanded census should be conducted again to know exact number of transgendered people.

Neeli Rana and Ashi Jan thanked the political parties for their role in shaping the Transgender Bill Protection for the welfare of transgender community. According to them, Senator Farhat Ullah Babar, Rubina Khalid and Nighatv G supported the community and the bill was tabled in Federal Ombudsman. They demanded of the political parties not to do politics on this bill, and let the bill pass in no time.

Sabahat Rizvi Advocate, who works for the rights of transgender people, said on the occasion, transgendered people should be treated in hospitals like other patients, and they should be given right of inheritance in property.


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