World Environment Day: Pakistan among worst affected countries

June 04,2017

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KARACHI: Despite being the less greenhouse gases producer country in the world, Pakistan is facing the worst affects of emissions, senior environmental scientist Prof. Dr Muazzam Ali Khan said.

Having 27 years of experience on climate and environment issues in Pakistan, especially in coastal areas of Sindh, Dr Khan said that his research has concluded that Pakistan’s contribution in greenhouses gases is just 0.3 percent but we are facing the worst climate change situation and stood among the top 10 nations worst hit by global warming.

He further added that temperature rising pattern will also reverse by the time, while minimum temperature average has already increased.

To realise the importance and impact of global warming and climate change, World Environment Day is observed on 5th of June every year since 1972.

Dr Gul Munir, an environmentalist and infectious disease control expert said that World Environment Day is a day for everyone. We always talk about environment friendly activities but unfortunately we do not own the planet as ours.

More than 62 % of population of Karachi is living in unplanned manner, he said. ‘Shortage of water, lack of sanitation facilities and other problems of non-availability of utilities are not only affecting people's life but also damaging the environment.’
When asked about how as a society can play its role, Dr Khan said the easiest way to reduce the pollution is by planting more and more local species like Neem, Moringa and Amaltas.

‘In Karachi, green belt is mandatory with every road but most of them are occupied by the powerful land grabbers or are destroyed in the name of construction.’

Dr Gul Munir said that another main issue behind this worst situation in the city is that we have the law to protect the environment but it's not implemented and no one get punished for violation.


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