UHE reduces fee for new academic year

By APP & our correspondent
June 25, 2024
UHE building can be seen in this photo released on September 29, 2023. — Facebook/University of Home Economics Lahore

LAHORE:The University of Home Economics (UHE) has announced a major decision to provide financial relief to new students by reducing fees for the upcoming academic year.


The UHE’s Syndicate has approved a comprehensive budget of Rs1.14 billion, which includes substantial fee reductions and other financial measures. Key highlights of the fee reductions include a 31pc decrease in intermediate fees and a 38pc reduction in MPhil fees for new students.

Additionally, the university has decided to freeze transport and hostel fees, providing further financial stability for students. The budget also includes an allocation of Rs315 million for the university's endowment fund. During the Syndicate meeting, various important agendas were approved, including financial aid and scholarship regulations, hostel rules, and examination regulations. Funds have also been designated for Zakat and pension schemes.

The budget reflects the Punjab government's policy of increasing salaries for university teachers and employees. Moreover, the university plans to launch new research journals and develop schemes of study in various subjects, with Rs4 million allocated for research initiatives.

Prof Dr Faleeha, Vice Chancelor University of Home Economics, also shared the progress report with the members of the syndicate. Prof Dr Faleeha emphasised that the budget has been designed to address the needs and enhance the facilities for students, ensuring they receive a high-quality education at the government.