11,693 patients given treatment at LGH on Eid days

By Our Correspondent
June 21, 2024
The Lahore General Hospital building can be seen. — Facebook/Lahore General Hospital/File

LAHORE:As many as 11,693 patients were extended with the best medical facilities in the Emergency Department of Lahore General Hospital during the three days of Eid-ul-Azha. Similarly, 1,259 major/minor operations, 2,668 X-rays, 725 ultrasounds, 489 CT scans, 604 ECGs and 157 dialysis were also performed during these holidays.


Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute (PGMI) and Ameer Uddin Medical College Prof Dr Al-Fareed Zafar and MS Dr Faryad Hussain praised the working and performance of the doctors, nurses and paramedics and said that spending Eid holidays in the service of suffering humanity is highly appreciable. They admired the contribution of medical staff of LGH and said that they deserve congratulations because they preferred their duties in the hospital instead of spending the joy of Eid with their families.

Prof Al-Fareed Zafar under took detailed visit to the various departments of the General Hospital where he distributed Eid gifts among children and went to the patients at their beds and wished them Eid Mubarak.

Dr Faryad while giving a briefing to the Principal PGMI said that in the light of the directions of the Punjab government, all the departments of the hospital remained open as usual during the Eid holidays and everyone who came to the hospital was given special medical facility. Similarly, free dialysis was done for patients suffering from kidney diseases, and treatment continued in women and children departments as well. Prof Al-Fareed Zafar said that medicine is a messianic profession, the comfort that medical professionals get when they bring smiles to the faces of people suffering from pain and injuries. He urged the doctors to continue to raise awareness among the citizens about the prevention of epidemic diseases along with treatment so that the public can protect themselves by taking precautionary measures.