Conservation of Karam Singh Gurdwara begins

By Our Correspondent
June 16, 2024
This still released on June 15, 2024 showsGroundbreaking Ceremony for the Conservation & Restoration of 'Gurdwara Bhai Karam Singh Jhelum' in progress organized by the Walled City of Lahore Authority. — Facebook/Walled City Lahore Authority

LAHORE : The Walled City Lahore Authority (WCLA) in partnership with the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) has initiated an extensive conservation project for the historic Bhai Karam Singh Gurdwara .


This endeavour, fully funded by ETPB and executed by WCLA, represents a major step in preserving the region's cultural heritage. Launched in May 2024, the project aims to restore the 19th century Gurdwara in Jhelum to its original splendour, ensuring its long-term preservation and adaptive reuse.

The conservation project will include restoration efforts to preserve the Gurdwara 's original structure, ornate decorations, and intricate carvings. This will involve structural consolidation, roofing, and flooring repairs. Damaged lime plaster will be removed and replaced to enhance structural strength with new lime plaster applied. Pucca Qalai and stucco work will be undertaken based on historical evidence.

Additionally, existing woodwork will be repaired, and new woodwork will be provided where necessary. Upon completion of the conservation work, the Gurdwara will be opened to the Sikh community and tourists. This will allow the Sikh community to perform their religious obligations and enable tourists to experience the region's rich cultural heritage.

The adaptive reuse strategy will balance preservation with practical functionality, ensuring the property remains a vibrant cultural hub. The conservation project is expected to be finished within 24 months from its initiation date.

Jhelum is an ancient city situated on the banks of a river, renowned for its rich history and cultural heritage, and considered one of the oldest cities in the region. The conservation of Bhai Karam Singh Gurdwara will open new avenues for tourism, as the Gurdwara is part of a historic complex in the area.

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