Royal Guardian: Prince William puts Kate and family first in protective stand

The relationship between Harry and William has been tense since the Duke of Sussex published his memoir, Spare

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February 22, 2024

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Prince William is placing utmost importance on the well-being of his immediate family as Kate recuperates from abdominal surgery and tensions persist with the Sussexes, as stated by a royal commentator.


William has been steadfastly prioritizing his family's welfare, particularly in the aftermath of Kate's surgery and amid news of the King's cancer diagnosis.

With Charles's recent health news, there has been speculation about whether Prince William would assume additional royal responsibilities as his father takes a step back.

Royal commentator, Richard Kay, revealed that this would not be the case and that “William is determined that family life is his number one priority.”

Kay said: “A lot of people were speculating that when the King got ill that William would have to be deputy King and step in and do all those things.

“William is stubbornly sticking to what he has agreed with his father that his family is the priority.”

While Kate was in hospital Prince William stepped back from his duties for a short while to look after Kate “hand and foot” and care for their three children.

Sarah Vine, a British columnist, spoke of William supporting his family through Kate’s recovery and their fall out with the Sussexes.

Vine claimed: “The thing about William and Catherine is that they’ve been going through an awful lot with this whole nightmare with the Sussexes.

“I suspect that a lot of what’s going on in their private life is to do with the fallout from that and I think William is drawing his arms around his family as you would do naturally as a good parent.”

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The relationship between Harry and William has been tense since the Duke of Sussex published his memoir, Spare, which criticised his brother.

Earlier this month Prince Harry travelled to the UK to visit his father following his cancer diagnosis without seeing the Prince or the Princess of Wales.

During the half-term break, Prince William and his family travelled to Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.

Royal correspondent, Natasha Livingston, explained that following the holiday “it’s going to be business as normal” for William and he will be “looking after Catherine and taking the children to school.”

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Princess Kate is not expected to return to any royal duties until after Easter as Kensington Palace informed the princess’s 30 charities that they would need to postpone engagements.

The prince has been returning to royal duties this week and attended the 2024 Bafta awards on Sunday night.