Princess Kate relinquishes spotlight to elevate Prince William

Prince William is understood to secretly resent Princess Kate for being more popular among Britons

December 08, 2023
Prince William and Kate Middleton at annual diplomat reception 2023

Despite their outwardly loved-up dynamic, Prince William has been understood to secretly struggle with Kate Middleton’s unbridled popularity for years.

Much like King Charles and Princess Diana’s public reception, the Princess of Wales is more loved among the Britons than the next-in-line to the throne.

Reports also suggested that William, akin to his father, might secretly resent Kate for the very notion, prompting her to intentionally step out of the spotlight to avoid ending up like her parents-in-law.

Speaking to Fox News Digital, royal correspondent Nick Bullen reflected on their latest appearance at the annual reception for diplomats held at Buckingham Palace earlier this week.

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He said, "I think the great strength of the Princess of Wales — the new Princess of Wales — is that, like [Queen Elizabeth II], she knows what her job is."

"Her job is to support the Prince of Wales, Prince William," the True Royalty TV co-founder affirmed. "And she very rarely gives interviews. She very rarely makes it about her. She’s always keen to make sure that the prince is front and center."

However, he went on to herald the future Queen Consort for carefully curating a regal personality for herself as well.

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"But make no mistake, she is a force to be reckoned with," shared Bullen. "She is very strong and very clear on what she wants to achieve."

The expert also noted,"I think the Princess of Wales will be a queen in the most traditional sense," adding: "She knows her job is to support the king, the monarch. And I think she understands the job."