Prince Harry's 'encouraging' behaviour for using drugs may cost him US visa

Prince Harry admitted to using drugs in his memoir 'Spare'

December 05, 2023
Prince Harry admitted to using drugs in his memoir 'Spare'

Prince Harry had reportedly been "bragging and encouraging illegal drug use" in his memoir Spare.

In a court filing obtained by Newsweek, the Duke of Sussex’s book unveiled that the royal was partaking in consuming cocaine, cannabis, magic mushrooms and ayahuasca.

"Psychedelics did me some good," he wrote of his experience.

This development comes after the Heritage Foundation decided to pursue legal action over Joe Biden’s administration as they sought Prince Harry’s visa documentation in order to conclude whether he disclosed the use of his drugs.

His admission over the use of recreational drugs led to conservatists to sue the Department of Homeland Security.

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In their case, they stated that the Duke of Sussex was likely given preferential treatment when seeking a US visa while referencing the Freedom of Information Act.

Currently, Biden’s administration is battling it out at the Federal Court in the District of Columbia, however, the foundation has maintained Prince Harry’s right to privacy.

As per Heritage, the Duke of Sussex has "sold every aspect of his private life for, in some estimates, over $135 million".

"[The case] comes about in the main because HRH [His Royal Highness] voluntarily—and for immense profit—admitted in writing to the elements of any number of controlled substance violations. (Indeed, some say HRH has approached the point of bragging and encouraging illegal drug use.)"

"The Duke of Sussex did so despite the fact that it is widely known that such admissions can have adverse immigration consequences for non-citizens and despite employing preeminent legal advisors on both sides of the Atlantic," the document added.

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"But that is not all. This case is further bespoke in that HRH—again for immense profit—detailed his immigration decisions and manner of entry in writing and via Netflix video."

"Add to that the fact that all aspects of HRH's travel are extensively covered in the press," the document read.