How this girl created financial success? Her story has gems of tips for you

Gabriella Carter's journey is an example of how a smart approach to finances can open doors to a bright future

By Web Desk
September 26, 2023
She’s had early success, but Carter isn’t slowing down soon. CNBC Make It

How far one can go to be financially savvy?

The limit is the stretch of your thought.

Gabriella Carter

A 22-year-old graduate from Princeton University has not only achieved a debt-free education but also turned her scholarship success into a flourishing business.

She is Gabriella Carter. Her story was published byCNBC Make It as part of theMillennial Money series.

Gabriella's journey is an example of how a smart approach to finances can open doors to a bright future.

Gabriella's remarkable journey began when she realised that the soaring cost of college education could bury her in debt, like many others. Determined to avoid this financial burden, she embarked on a mission to secure scholarships.

It was not an easy path. Gabriella applied to over 100 different educational programmes, but faced numerous rejections. However, she never gave up.

Her resilience paid off when she won 35 different scholarship awards, totaling over $2 million. This allowed her to graduate from Princeton University in 2022 without any student debt and with over $100,000 in savings.

However, Gabriella's story doesn't stop there.

She decided to share her success on social media, offering tips and insights into the world of scholarships. The response was overwhelming, and she soon realised the potential of turning her expertise into a business.

Gabriella founded "Growing With Gabby," a venture that partners with brands to promote scholarship opportunities and offers individual coaching to students.

In 2022, her business earned a staggering $177,000, and she expects it to bring in even more this year, nearing $300,000.

But the most remarkable part of Gabriella's journey is her early retirement dreams. Despite her young age, she is determined to achieve financial freedom and retire early.

For Gabriella, abundance means having the freedom to pursue her passions without being tied to a traditional 9-5 job.