European countries ditching US for BRICS?

European nations seek to join BRICS alliance in 2024

By Web Desk
May 18, 2024
Doubts in US dollar begin to seep in as new currency comes to the rescue. — Business Forward/Wikipedia/File

As BRICS group is set to meet for its annual summit in October, it is expected that several European countries may join the alliance, Watcher Guru reported.

Reports suggest that a plethora of European nations are awaiting an expansion invitation to the summit.


Chinese President Xi Jinping recently visited Europe where he met his counterparts. His visit concluded with a signed strategic partnership between France, Serbia, and Hungary.

Among all European nations, France has been most vocal in its international allegiance to the BRICS nations. President Emmanuel Macron has time and time again expressed his interest in developing a strong relationship with China.

The South African BRICS ambassador has previously shared that European countries want to join the new alliance.

With the 2024 BRICS summit fast approaching, the idea of expansion continues to be discussed. The bloc has affirmed the increasing likelihood of more nations joining in.

The BRICS alliance has become one of the most important geopolitical forces in recent times, with more and more people wanting to join in.

The BRICS, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, is an intergovernmental organisation that was made to establish deeper ties between member nations and cooperate on economic expansions, such as trade. It was set to counterbalance Western alliances.