Minister forms body to look into eye infection complaints

September 24, 2023

LAHORE : Punjab Minister for Primary and Secondary Healthcare Dr Jamal Nasir has taken action in response to complain ts about the eye infection, allegedly caused by a specific injection.

He formed a five-member committee tasked with reviewing the situation.

The committee’s primary goals are to submit a comprehensive report within three days and provide recommendations to prevent such incidents in future.

Dr Asad Aslam Khan from King Edward Medical University has been designated as the committee’s convener, with other members including Director General Drugs Control M Sohail, Dr M Moin from Mayo Hospital Lahore, Dr Tayyaba from Lahore General Hospital and Prof Dr Mohsin from Services Hospital. The minister told the media on Saturday the stock of that particular injection had been withheld and sealed.

He said drug inspectors across Punjab had been mobilised to stop the sale and purchase of the injection.

A directive has also been issued to all doctors and patients not to use that injection, and medical stores, wholesalers, and distributors have been prohibited from selling it. He said the injection had been sent for laboratory testing to uncover the underlying facts.