YouTuber Nadir Ali apologises to Sunita Marshall

"My intentions during the podcast were not to hurt her or anyone's feelings at all," says Nadir Ali

By Web Desk
June 23, 2023
In this still taken from a video, Nadir Ali interviewsSunita Marshall. — Instagram/nadiraliofficial1

Days after YouTuber Nadir Ali faced media backlash for his disconcerting interview podcast with Pakistani Christian model Sunita Marshall, he apologized to the model, saying he had merely asked the questions out of curiosity.

Taking to Instagram, Ali posted a picture with Sunita and wrote: "My intentions during the podcast with Sunita Marshall were not to hurt her or anyone's feelings at all.


"It was just out of curiosity that I asked her about her plans of conversion to Islam."

"Religion is a personal choice and I respect people of all beliefs. It is my wish and the wish of 1.9 billion Muslims to see people come to Islam but of course with their own choice!"

"If still my words have hurt the feelings of anyone, I APOLOGIZE," Ali wrote.

In a recent podcast, Ali asked Sunita why she did not convert to Islam yet when her in-laws and husband were Muslims.

"There is no pressure on me for converting to Islam from Hassan or his family. However, people sometimes comment on Instagram, but it doesn't matter to me," she remarked.

She said if a person wants to change their religion, they should do it by heart; otherwise, doing so was useless.

When asked if her in-laws have ever pressurised her into converting, Sunita said that no one has ever told her to change her religion, adding that they are all "very good" to her.

Subsequently, the YouTuber's insensitive move drew harsh criticism from people from all walks of life, including celebrities.

Actor Nadia Afghan, taking to Instagram, bashed Ali for his "disgraceful line of questioning".

She further told the YouTuber: "[...] There is a village of idiots and the population is flourishing."

Model Mathira also criticised Ali and said: "What the hell is wrong with this person and his question! This is so wrong. Shame on the host!"

Sunita, however, in an Instagram post on Wednesday, asked followers to stop 'harassing' Ali. She thanked social media users for supporting her but requested them “to kindly not harass the interviewer anymore.”

“Also I would ask the interviewing fraternity not to ask such personal questions again in the future,” she added.