Xulfi handed Rs.100m legal notice by Nirmala Maghani over 'Tu Jhoom' copyright

Nirmala Maghani claims that Xulfi copied her concept into a song that has been released under Coke Studio titled Tu Jhoom

By Web Desk
January 25, 2022

Nirmala Maghani’s legal team on Monday handed Xulfi a legal notice worth Rs. 100 million over a copyright violation pertaining to Coke Studio 14’s song Tu Jhoom.

The notice, which addressed to the musical show’s producer, Xulfi, stated that Nirmala had sent compositions of Tu Mera Ranjha back in June 2021 in hopes to get her big break however Xulfi did not respond to her.


Instead, a year later, he suddenly came up with the same song for Coke Studio.

The notice demanded Xulfi to stop using the song and instead was asked to get formal permission from Nirmala.

"My client (Nirmala Maghani) on June 14, 2021, sent her compositions including the composition of Tu Mera Ranjha to you on your mobile, through WhatsApp messenger which all were in the form of voice notes," the notice reads.

"That as per the copyright laws you don’t have the right to telecast/broadcast or upload on YouTube the said song unless you have obtained permission from my client as it’s made based on notes and composition of my client.

"That you are hereby instructed that you should apply [for] and obtain permission or license from my client and unless said is granted to you please remove the song from every social media website, YouTube and from [the] album of Coke Studio 14 as it is infringing upon the rights of my client."

In response to the notice, GIRAFFE PAKISTAN, the company which Xulfi co-founded released a statement to The Express Tribune.

"We have received a notice last evening and our legal team will respond to it through the correct channels in due course. As such, we are constrained to limit our responses in deference to the legal process initiated by Ms Maghani," the statement read.

"As shared with your publication earlier, Xulfi and the team at Giraffe produces and collaborates in the spirit of inclusivity and the work with Coke Studio holds the same philosophy. Xulfi’s work is not borrowed or without credit, given that what he shares with the world is work that relies on the very essence of partnership and collaboration. And indeed, the Giraffe team looks forward to continue working with our artists from all over the country, for they truly are the present and future of Pakistani music," the statement concluded.

It is pertinent to mention that Coke Studio has not released a statement yet.