Senate denounces desecration of Quran in Sweden, Netherlands

January 28, 2023

ISLAMABAD: The Senate Friday adopted a unanimous resolution, expressing its deepest dismay and shock at the vicious and vile act of the burning, tearing and desecrating holy Quran in Sweden and The...

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ISLAMABAD: The Senate Friday adopted a unanimous resolution, expressing its deepest dismay and shock at the vicious and vile act of the burning, tearing and desecrating holy Quran in Sweden and The Netherlands.

The resolution urged the government to summon the ambassadors of Sweden and The Netherlands and convey the strong sentiments, shock and anger felt by the people of Pakistan against the desecration of holy Quran. It emphasised that Sweden and The Netherlands must be asked to take firm lawful action against those who desecrated the holy Quran.

In their speeches, several legislators vehemently called for boycott of the countries’ products wherein from time to time, such vile acts take place and the governments look the other way. They believed it would work, as these countries’ economies would suffer when 1.5 billion Muslims would boycott their products.

After recitation from the Hoy Quran, Minister for Law and Justice Azam Nazeer Tarar moved a motion for suspension of relevant rules to set aside the routine agenda to thoroughly discuss the disgusting acts and adopt a resolution thereon afterwards.

The House met twice during the day and at the end, the resolution was moved by JI Senator Mushtaq Ahmed. The resolution said the upper house of the parliament strongly protests to the governments of Sweden and The Netherlands for allowing the organisers of the extremists and fanatics to stage the burning of holy Quran in the name of freedom of expression. The pretext of freedom of expression could not be used to attack the religious emotions of 1.5 billion Muslims across the world.

Condemning the acts of Islamophobia being hateful, vicious, highly explosive and contrary to the principles of the international law, the resolution expressed the collective will of state and people of Pakistan against the act of desecration of the holy Quran by the racists and extremists, saying this vicious crime was a calculated and deliberate attempt to harm interfaith harmony, social peace, religious tolerance. It said that such acts would ultimately prove to be divisive for peace and stability amongst countries, cultures and civilisations.

The Senate, through a resolution, urged the Muslims to maintain calm and composure and promote Islam’s message of peace, tolerance and universal brotherhood.

The resolution asked the government to coordinate with the OIC members to take a unified position on the issue, which was central to the core beliefs of all Muslims. It said Pakistan should take up the issue before the upcoming session of the UN Human Rights Council, which was meeting in Geneva next week.

Earlier, taking part in the debate, the law minister strongly condemned the desecration of holy Quran in the two European countries and assured the House that the matter was being taken up and would be taken up at all appropriate forums.

Tarar said the government would take up the matter seriously at appropriate forums including the United Nations, the OIC and the European Union and it would register protest in a responsible manner.

The minister informed the House that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had given him special instructions to tell the Senate that the government was fully alive to its international and diplomatic responsibilities. Tarar noted that Islamophobic incidents in European countries were a matter of great concern.

Former premier Yusuf Raza Gilani, who was the first one to speak, said that protests are taking place in different parts of the world against the heinous crime, committed in the two European countries.

He called for a strong protest against the heinous crime, which he said should also be participated by the lawmakers.

Taking the floor, Mushtaq Ahmad said those who committed the act of desecrating of Holy Quran were terrorists who wanted to push the world towards 3rd World War. “Those who call themselves champions of human rights and liberties must be ashamed of such acts,” he added.

He advocated lodging a strong protest with the envoys of Sweden and The Netherlands to convey the sentiments of the Muslims on the shameful acts.

Mushahid Hussain Sayed said the issue of Islamophobia was not confined to Sweden and Netherlands, recalling that such incidents had taken place in France, Denmark, Austria and Hungary as well in the past. He pointed out that the recurring pattern also showed double standards of the world also in relation to freedom of expression. He cited the example of Holocaust, as its denial can land a person in jail.

He said it was a good omen, as the treasury and opposition were one on this matter and added the country badly needs such unity on the core issues, being confronted by the nation. Defence Minister Khawaja Asif held the West responsible for increasing acts of terrorism and extremism and made it clear that such acts evoke a reaction. “Islamophobia in the Western countries is the main cause of extremism in Muslim countries. If they respect our religion, the extremist tendencies can also be checked,” he contended. He urged the Western countries to stop Islamophobic incidents saying their double standards on human rights and freedom of expression pose a threat to the global peace and urged the Muslim countries to collectively express their resentment over the desecration acts.

The minister strongly condemned Indian and Israeli state sponsored terrorism against the Muslim population, regretting that the US and its allies support both countries. He pointed out that the narrative of BJP-led government in India was based on Islam enmity. He continued that the Indian prime minister was the biggest terrorist as he was involved in the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat state.

Irfan Siddiqui said the Islamophobic acts in European countries were not freedom of expression but an expression of their hate and bigotry towards Islam and Muslims. Senator Anwarul Haq Kakar asked the people of different faiths to ponder over the holy Quran which is a divine communication for salvation of the humanity. He explained that the central theme of the holy book was human-being and understanding it, would cleanse not only the human soul but also the whole environment of the planet.

Faiz Muhammad said since Islam is spreading in European countries, propaganda has been unleashed by certain elements against the religion to stop this process. “Islamophobic acts in Europe are a conspiracy against our religion while Islam and Quran gives rights to even animals and trees,” he remarked.

Taj Haider emphasised effectively spreading the message of Islam and holy Quran in the world. He added the world should be informed that the holy book is not only for the Muslims but the whole of humanity, as its message is universal.

Kamran Michael and Danesh Kumar said those involved in Islamophobic acts had nothing to do with any religion. Faisal Javed said contempt of religion could not be allowed under the garb of freedom of expression, saying such provocative steps should be declared illegal at the international level. Taking advantage, some senators spoke strongly against the way the PTI senior leader, Fawad Chaudhry, was arrested. The House will now meet on Monday at 3pm.

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