The fabric of our lives – denim edit

May 22, 2022

Whether it is jeans, jackets, or skirts, denim clothing has been one classic fashion trend that doesn’t seem to go out of style.Instep talks to a few stylists on how to style denim and stay on-trend.

The fabric of our lives – denim edit


id you know that the iconic denim jeans were first invented in the 1800s? Back in the day, a twill cotton fabric was used for trousers, referred to as ‘jeans’. Since then, denim has become the fabric of our lives. Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss created the classic jeans in 1873, which were made from indigo-dyed denim with pockets. In fact, the durable material made it perfect for workwear and then it went on to become the perennial closet favourite. If we say that denim has become a fashion staple for both men and women, it won’t be an understatement. No wardrobe is complete if you don’t own at least one pair of jeans. The best part is that whether it is denim jeans, jackets, or any other items of clothing, it is always cool, classy, and evolving.

Season after season, a pair of jeans remains the most reliable option — the perfect trouser that’s practical as well as polished. Every iteration of denim – think jeans, skirts, shorts, jackets – has seen a fair share of trends and styles that have undoubtedly stood the test of time. Earlier this year, we saw the classic denim look at the fall fashion shows. What is great about styling denim is that you can experiment and come up with a style of your own - you can pair complementary denim washes from head to toe, or even better, you can mix and match different hues. Though there have been various iconic denim looks over the years, there are some styles that never go out of style. Instep caught up with some of our favourite celebrity stylists to know some ways they’d style denim…

Amal Qadri

A hairstylist by profession, famous celeb stylist Amal Qadri started her career by personally styling many career-oriented people. She created their wardrobe according to their lifestyle, comfort, career, and body shape. After some time, her designer friend requested Amal to style her shoot. This was followed by styling TV host and radio jockey Anoushey Ashraf for her morning show and later for her red carpet looks. Besides Anoushey, the stylist has styled stars including Syra Yousuf, Ayeza Khan, Iqra Aziz, Ayesha Omar, and Mehwish Hayat, amongst many others.

As far as the cool and casual denim look is concerned, Amal shares, “A striped top paired with a pencil denim skirt and sneakers is the way to go. If you have planned a night out with the girls, opt for a puff-sleeved top and frayed jeans and accessorize your look with a structured bag and stunning heels.”

She further goes on to say, “A denim dress with a hat and wedges work best for a casual brunch look. Another way to incorporate denim in your look is to pair a jean jacket with a crop top, high-waisted pants and brogues.”

At times you need to sport a sophisticated look for a meeting or gathering, but you don’t want to compromise on style. For that, Amal advises you to go ahead with your favourite linen blazer, a silk cami, high-waisted straight denim and finish your look with smart loafers and you are all set to flaunt your style.

Sana Anver

Image creator and celebrity stylist Sana Anver, who has styled the likes of Mansha Pasha, Sonya Hussyn, Saba Qamar, and Ayesha Omar, started her career more than seven years ago. According to Sana, she is more into a structured look, but there are various ways you can style denim as it’s very versatile. Speaking of how she would style denim, Sana reveals, “You can go for a lace blouse and pair it with a straight denim skirt. You can add an oversized blazer over it and carry a nice chic bag and wear stilettos. It could be a formal dinner or a brunch; it kind of completes your look.”

The stylist further shares that one can wear casual, ripped jeans with a floral crop top and a matching blazer accessorized with a nice belt. It’s just super fun and has a very spring/summer vibe to it – the floral top and jacket will add a pop of colour to your overall look.

Then there is this one look that is Sana’s absolute favourite. “During the winters, you’ll see me wearing leather pants, a sweatshirt, and if not a sweatshirt, then maybe a black tank top or crop top paired with an oversized denim jacket.” She continues, “To complete the look, I usually opt for boots, but you can even go for sneakers or flats. This look is super casual, and it is so me.”

Apart from that, Sana says that you can style bootcut jeans with a crop top or tucked-in button-down shirt and a nice long coat. “This look is just chic, effortless, and most importantly, it is very feminine,” she explains.

If you want to pull off an ultimate casual, go-to look, then you can wear jeans and a denim jacket with a turtleneck crop top or even a full tucked-in turtleneck. “Complete this look with sneakers to make it more casual. For a semi-formal look, add some boots – ankle or knee-high - or stilettos to your look, and you are good to go.”

Haiya Bokhari

As far as celebrity stylist and model Haiya Bokhari is concerned, she shares that there are a bunch of different ways one can style denim. “Denim’s versatility is what’s so cool about it,” she stresses, “you can dress it up or dress it down. It all depends on your preference.”

Haiya believes you can make any look your own and dress up for a formal event. “It just depends on how versatile you want it to be. If it is just a day of errands, you can maybe wear a white button-down and do a nice pair of distressed mom jeans, some ballet flats with a nice bag and a scarf,” elaborates Haiya.

She further goes on to say that you can go for a nice crisp button-down with a pair of high-waisted flared jeans and heels for a casual office look. “If you want a young, hip kind of look, then a nicely fitted pair of denim with a matching denim shirt is the way to go. You can also opt for a denim jumpsuit,” she says. “And then you can easily dress denim up for a night out. You can pair it with a nice top – it can be anything ranging from a spaghetti strap blouse or a bandeau top to a sleek silk button-down – and pair it with sparkly heels, some jewelry, apply red lipstick, and voila, you’re set,” concludes Haiya.

The fabric of our lives – denim edit