“I follow the rule of burning more calories than I consume”

February 21, 2021

Actress Srha Asghar shares how she manages to stay in shape – and what motivates her – irrespective of a busy schedule.

Starting her career almost six years ago with drama serial Khoat (2015), actress Srha Asghar is now a household name after essaying the young, feisty character Washma in drama series Pyar Ke Saqday last year. She was brilliant in her portrayal and proved that she is a natural when it comes to acting. She has also played Bilal Abbas’ younger sibling ‘Choti’ in Mehreen Jabbar’s Ek Jhooti Love Story and generated positive reviews for her performance.

Srha, who is also known for her dancing skills, launched a YouTube channel in 2019 with another young artist Rabya Kulsoom called Danceography. On their YouTube channel, they share videos dancing to Pakistani as well as international music.

Currently, the actress can be seen in drama serial Chakrees alongside Faizan Khawaja. Not only is Srha versatile when it comes to acting, she has come a long way as far as her fitness is concerned and is fitter than ever. We caught up with the actress to know more about her fitness regime.

Lifestyle choices

Talking about her regime, the Ek Jhooti Love Story actress shares that she is a health buff and as far as her lifestyle choices are concerned, she likes to keep her diet simple and healthy.

On how she lost a significant amount of weight, the Pyar Ke Saqday actress informs, “I follow the rule of burning more calories than I consume, and that is how I lost weight.”

For those who want to shed extra pounds, Srha’s major tip is to have patience. “Everything takes time, nothing happens overnight,” she stresses.

As for her fitness goals, she says, “My goals are to follow a simple diet that I can maintain and follow in the longer run.”

Srha also believes that around 7 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary to stay healthy. Speaking about what keeps her motivated and stick to a healthy lifestyle, Srha tells Instep, “I keep reminding myself that I am doing this for my well-being and that I’ll continue doing this until I feel like it.”

Eating preferences

The nutrients that dominate Srha’s diet include mostly protein and green veggies. As for how many meals she consumes on a daily basis, she shares, “I usually have three meals a day. I go for small portions and take snacks such as fruits during the meals.”

The Chakrees actress further adds, “I usually take boiled eggs with black coffee at breakfast. For lunch boiled meat with veggies and at dinner time I prefer having tikka or salad.”

Workout routine

Depending on her work schedule, the actress works out three to five times a week at home and prefers doing strength training with weights. She reveals that she has always worked out at home. “Though I don’t have a trainer, I follow a few fitness pages on Instagram that help me in maintaining my ideal weight,” she shares.

Stress management strategy

The importance of mental health cannot be ignored; in fact physical health and mental health go hand in hand. According to Srha, she tries to be positive at all times. “However, whenever I feel stressed or depressed I pray and that helps me a lot,” she asserts.

Piece of advice

To attain a healthy lifestyle as well as stay fit, Srha Asghar urges her fans and followers to be positive. “It is important to start your day with healthy eating. Also, make sure to sleep on time and try to be active throughout the day,” she concludes. 

“I follow the rule of burning more calories than I consume”: Actress Srha Asghar