Bayaan release ‘Teri Tasveer’ music video

December 13, 2020

Bayaan, Pepsi Battle of the Bands’ winning group for 2018, has hit new ground with their latest music video titled ‘Teri Tasveer’.

Directed by Hamza Bin Tahir, the music video has great aesthetic with a sharp focus on details as if drawn from a tale from time long past. It opens with Asfar Hussain sketching images on pieces of paper, and you’re instantly drawn in. It’s the story of love and loss and the music video elevates the song by complementing the poetry.

Bayaan, despite the Covid-19 season, has had a decent year. Represented by Rearts, they released Suno - their full-length record post-Pepsi victory - during Lahore Music Meet 2020. They also released a music video called ‘Bekhabar’ in collaboration with Pepsi, in 2019.

With Asfar Hussain on vocals, Haider Abbas on bass, Shahrukh Aslam and Muqueet Shahzad on guitars and Mansoor Lashari on drums, ‘Teri Tasveer’ may just be their best music video to date. If ‘Bekhabar’ left us jaded, the band has made up with their latest release. The rock-ballad from Suno needed such a visual treatment and Bayaan deliver on that front.

Bayaan, that came into being as a band in 2015, has been heard - according to one post by the group on their official Instagram account - in 82 countries. That is an incredible achievement for this young music group. Here’s hoping the ‘Teri Tasveer’ music video helps them in growing further as a band.

CDRS Ambassador Umair Jaswal appears in ‘Paani ka Passdar

Umair Jaswal, who recently won fans over with ‘Gagar’ on the inaugural episode of Velo Sound Station, is back with a new song. It seems Umair Jaswal is unstoppable at the moment.

While he is set to appear on Coke Studio 2020 in upcoming weeks, he has now appeared with a water anthem called ‘Paani ka Passdar’. The song is meant as a letter to the children of the country about the conservation and significance of water.

Written by Seema Taher Khan, ‘Paani ka Passdar’ is produced by Sarmad Ghafoor and is directed by Salman Rafique in partnership with CDRS & Sonic Peacemakers.

According to a press statement, “With inspiration taken from Simi Kamal of Hisaar Foundation and Pakistan’s premier horticulturist/environmentalist Tofiq Pasha Mooraj, and their life’s work, this wonderful video came into being for people to both relate to and learn from.”

Umair Jaswal, an Ambassador of Water for CDRS (Comprehensive Disaster Response Services) delivers the song with the kind of passion we’ve come to expect of him as a singer while realizing that this song needed a different level of maturity. ‘Paani Ka Passdar’ is meant to highlight both scarcity of water in the country while encouraging the youth to take on the messaging of the song.  

Bayaan release ‘Teri Tasveer’ music video