Sunday morning call

July 8, 2018

Sunday morning call

It’s a running quote that a Sunday well spent brings a week of content. And what’s a better way to begin a Sunday than with a hearty brunch. Sundays are made to catch up on precious sleep but they are also meant for heading out to enjoy a delicious brunch with friends and family. Today’s hectic life leaves us with absolutely no time to enjoy a breakfast so it only makes sense to spoil your taste buds on Sunday. Instep brings you a list of the best brunches in the capital.


When it comes to Sunday brunch, Monal is undeniably a king no one can compete with. However, the Sunday brunch at Monal is not for the faint hearted; it is for those who can eat an endless amount of food to their heart’s desire without blinking an eye. They serve almost everything. They have English classics like Omelettes, French Toasts, Muffins but what is equally important is that they serve a variety of traditional Pakistani brunch items as well.

From Halwa Puri and Nihari to Qeema and Saag with piping hot Parathas, fresh off the grill Barbeque and Seekh Kebabs, they have it all.

The list of brunch items also includes basic Chinese dishes like Manchurian and Egg Fried Rice and a lot more. One can’t possibly consume all of it in one sitting but it’s nice to be spoilt for choice.

Drinks at the Monal brunch include Lassi among other options while the Kheer at the end takes you to heaven. There is a qawwal sitting in the corner singing classic songs, reminding you of the era of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Insha Ji, Rafi and Kishore Kumar.

Apart from the food, drinks and music, the view surrounding Monal is extraordinary. As far as the eye can see, there are lush green trees on the hills. What more can you ask for?

Street 1 Café

If you live in Islamabad and haven’t tried the Street 1 Sunday brunch, you probably may be living under a big rock. The brunch at Street 1 Café scores full points since inception and is served till 3 pm every Sunday.

They serve everything from the typical Eggs with the biggest variety of Omelettes to their delicious Eggs Benedict, with the Egg yolk oozing out as soon as you cut it. Among other tempting items in the Street 1 brunch menu is the Smoked Salmon Bagel, Steak and Eggs, dietary breakfast platter, a variety of Crepes, Pancakes and Waffles and delicious French Toasts.

Additionally, every weekend, Street 1 serves Pakistani classics like traditional Nihari cooked in olive oil served with hot Tandoori Naan, sweet and spicy Halwa Puri and a special Keto platter with Butter Chicken, Palak Paneer, Cheese Omelette and Keto Chocolate Mousse. If that’s not tempting you, your taste buds are not doing their work.


Since Loafology opened in the capital last year, it has become a favourite. As the name suggests, the place does spectacular Breads but also delicious breakfast that goes late into the day, especially on Sundays for those who don’t want to leave their bed before noon. The menu includes a variety of different Eggs like Omelettes, Poached Eggs with Spinach or Salmon and Eggs in your style. One of the most unique items in the Loafology menu is the Croissant filled with Organic Scrambled Eggs. While there is no better way to start a Sunday than with some healthy Eggs, the Loafology Brioche French Toast, the Banana Bread, the Loafology Granola and the Bread Basket can make you want to skip the eggs completely. For beef lovers, this place serves Shredded Beef; a dish with a customised Sourdough Loaf filled with Slow Cooked Shredded Beef, BBQ sauce, Roasted Tomatoes, Spinach, Organic Eggs and Cheddar Cheese!

Burning Brownie

Burning Brownie is Islamabad’s uncontested favourite for all things sweet - Cupcakes, Cakes, Brownies, Pastries and more. But their breakfast is delicious too. The breakfast menu at Burning Brownie is simple - just a few items and limited flavours in Omelettes but they do their six breakfast items so well that one just wants to head there for a simple brunch Sunday after Sunday. The Egg Sandwich has a choice of Bread, Tomato Harissa Pesto, Fried Egg, Jalapenos, Lettuce and Sundried Tomatoes, served with Crisps and Fresh Green Salad. The Caramel Crumble French Toast is the most unique one in town with a Sourdough French Toast with Salted Caramel and Crumble, topped with Whipped Cream and Bananas. The Waffle Toast has Bananas, Hazelnut Praline, Whipped Cream and Chocolate Sauce and is topped with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. Their classics include skinny and regular Omelettes, Scrambled Eggs, Salads and Sandwiches. Burning brownie has an all-day breakfast everyday, which means waking up at 4 pm is not too late.

Sunday morning call