Beauty Station! Wedding skincare guide

July 10, 2016

Here’s how to have the best skin of your life before your wedding day.

Beauty Station! Wedding skincare guide

A colleague is getting married at the end of the year and our official work Whatsapp group is often inundated with beauty talk regarding her impending nuptials. I am a beauty junkie hence I want to know everything about her make-up plans: who she’s going to, what she’s buying for her trousseau and most importantly, what her skincare routine is like in the six months before the big day.

I sported a rather ugly boil on my chin the day of my wedding, which the make-up artist dexterously covered but the memory of it seared on my soul. The boil resulted from a botched black-head extraction a week before, which was a part of my pre-wedding facial. I had never before, in my life, undergone any kind of skin treatment or cleansing and let’s just say that I learnt to never meddle with my skin again before a big event. Having been through the worst here’s my guide to achieving the best skin of your life before your wedding.

Give yourself a six month head-start

Start your skincare routine six months in advance. If you’ve never gotten a facial or had your blackheads extracted, go for a sitting now and see how your skin reacts. The time frame is important for two reasons; first, if your skin reacts badly to the treatment you’ll have ample time to recover and secondly, if the treatment is working for your skin, half a year’s head-start will allow the routine to really make a difference. Most women who are getting married in December already have their make-up artists booked. Schedule a cleansing and toning session with them from now and if you have virgin skin then please, don’t meddle with it.

Eat ‘right’

You are what you eat. Now that might make most of us want to gobble a skinny person but never has it mattered more than when you’re trying to attain perfect skin. Water is your best friend and sugars your arch nemesis. Start your day off right by drinking a glass of lukewarm water with fresh lemon juice. This kick starts your metabolic system and flushes out the toxins. Avoid excessively oily or fatty food, look to super foods like chia seeds, berries, green veggies and fish to help boost your skin from within. You’ve certainly heard of the benefits of aloe vera when applied on your skin but did you know that it’s even more effective when ingested? Get your hands on a fresh aloe vera plant and add its gooey gel to your meal. You can simply swallow it with water or add it to your salad  but the result will be gorgeous, glowing skin.

Set up a dermatologist appointment

This is probably one of the most logical steps that people tend to overlook. If you have problematic skin or are planning on starting a medicated skin care regime or trying out a new facial for the first time, my advice would be to get an opinion from a reputed practitioner before going to town on your skin. Whether you’re breaking out lightly and need a dose of antibiotics to clear it out or just need someone to tell you that your skin is great and doesn’t need treatment, a doctor’s appointment will never go amiss.



Beauty Station! Wedding skincare guide