Too stupid for Cupid…

February 15, 2015

Cupid might have pierced your heart but what are you going to do to sustain the part; that is the real question

Too stupid for Cupid…

It is just a matter of the clock ticking 12. In no time, love gurus will sprout out of nowhere on TV and radio channels (while some sane individuals would simply don on the façade of love guru!).

Heart-shaped balloons will be seen here and there and nearly everywhere. Life-sized teddy bears would be hugged around by ladies while men will pose around in front of their peers how much chocolate they have received from you-know-who.

Cupid gets tired of shooting his arrows and piercing hearts. Fourteenth of August, the Valentine’s Day, has arrived ladies and gentlemen!

But could it be that we have become too stupid for cupid? That our hearts bulge out of our skins for the sake of the love we might feel for someone yet we are not ready to make effort to sustain that love in the long run?

There is a story by Tom Anderson, published in ‘Everyday Greatness’ by Stephen R. Covey. The story, titled ‘How Love Came Back,’ talks about a husband who, one day, after hearing a radio broadcast, decides to "choose to love" in everyday matters with his wife. Previously, the husband was complaining and whining, never appreciating his wife in any capacity whatsoever. But since the change whenever something he dislikes pops up he simply chooses love instead of his ego or selfishness. He begins to notice his wife’s sweater as he walks in the house. He makes an effort not to lose his temper while his wife gets ready and causes them delay.

On his wife’s insistence, the husband even visits the museum -- a place he does not like but to his surprise ends up enjoying. It was just a matter of choosing to love in the little things. And voila! Their lives change.

I believe it can be more beneficial for the human species to "choose love" on a daily basis than to just have one lone day of outright and outpouring love and then period. Because sustaining relationships require work and sometimes hard-work. Building relationships is a gradual process. Celebrating love for one day is a wonderful idea as long as one does not forget to ‘love’ on the rest of the days.

It is said that love is one of the primary things for the survival of any living being. Love is like food, or sustenance. Live a day without it and you would know what you are missing in life, though the deterioration due to the lack of the latter might be gradual degradation of soul and body but it will be deterioration nevertheless!

Cupid might have pierced your heart but what are you going to do to sustain the part; that is the real question.

Too stupid for Cupid…