“Strongly opposed to married men engaging in extramarital affairs.” – Gohar Rasheed

October 8, 2023

“Strongly opposed to married men engaging in extramarital affairs.” – Gohar Rasheed

Geo News Digital


The Maula Jatt star plays Nauman in Geo Entertainment’s recent production, Jannat Say Agay, a character married to the titular Jannat Ali Khan, essayed by Kubra Khan.

Recently, the actor spoke exclusively with Geo Digital about his role, saying, “viewers have no clue what will happen next in the drama.”

Director Haseeb Hassan did not intend to make the character black and white, said Rasheed.

“Nauman is an ordinary individual who makes mistakes like the rest of us, and the absence of Jannat (his wife), causes him to feel alone and seek a shoulder or support.”

Gohar was asked during the interview, why, despite having an amazing wife, does Nauman indulge in an extramarital affair?

“In the current story, Nauman is seen as a husband who is interested in another woman despite being married, but I don’t think it is right in any way, and even a married man [would find] this behaviour repulsive,” the actor said responding to the question.

Gohar stated that while he is personally opposed to such relationships, there is a narrative behind what Nouman is doing.

When asked about the qualities of his character, the actor emphasized that, “the best thing about Nouman is that he doesn’t raise his voice at Jannat, even during arguments”

Responding to a question about which quality of his co-actress Kubra Khan impresses him, Gohar grinned and commented, “Kubra is a fantastic actor and I’m tired of telling her that!“She is one of my favourite actors, and when she adopts any character, she amazes the artist standing in front of her with her transformation,” Gohar mentioned with a smile.

The actor also revealed that he stood in front of Kubra Khan multiple times and couldn’t stop praising the actress when her scenes ended every time.

The Maula Jatt star will be seen in Teen Taara – a Zee5 web series – with model/actress Amna Ilyas. He stated that it was his desire to collaborate with the director, Kashif Nisar.

“There is no lead in the story,” Gohar said, responding to the question if he and Amna were playing the lead.

The actor went on to say that he agreed to star in the web series without reading its script since has been a fan of the director’s work for a long time. 

“Strongly opposed to married men engaging in extramarital affairs.” – Gohar Rasheed