Tuesday December 07, 2021

‘No shortage of wheat flour in Sindh, retailing at Rs55/kg’

November 26, 2021
‘No shortage of wheat flour in Sindh, retailing at Rs55/kg’

KARACHI: There is no shortage of wheat flour anywhere in Sindh as the essential food product is available in sufficient quantity everywhere in the province at the lowest retail price of Rs55 per kilogramme.

This was jointly stated by Sindh Information and Labour Minister Saeed Ghani and Sindh Excise and Taxation Minister and Food Minister, Mukesh Kumar Chawla, while talking to media at the Sindh Assembly building Thursday.

Provincial food minister told media that Sindh government’s annual wheat procurement had never exceeded 1.2 million tonnes in the last 10 years so it was completely baseless on the part of the federal cabinet to assume that 1.6 million tonnes wheat had been stolen from the province.

He said the Centre instead of levelling baseless allegations against the Sindh government should better order probe into the statement of a federal minister in the Parliament that he (the federal minister) didn’t know as where 6.6 million tonnes wheat from Punjab had gone.

He said the Sindh government in the last year had procured 1.2 million tonnes wheat as every month 250,000 tonnes wheat was being released to the flour mills at subsidised rates since October 15 this year. He said ex-mill price of wheat flour is Rs54 per kg while the retail price in Sindh is Rs55 per kg. The Sindh information minister said the provincial government would be able to play an effective role in checking inflation if it was given the power to regulate prices of fuel and other such important commodities. He feared that per litre price of petrol would exceed Rs170 in coming two to three weeks in view of the announcement by PM’s finance adviser that Rs4 per litre levy would now be added to the petrol price at the behest of the IMF. He said the incompetent prime minister was responsible for the persisting petrol crisis in the country as he aimed extending undue benefits to his cronies.