Thursday October 21, 2021

Farewell to the comedy king

October 04, 2021

Umer Sharif was a complete package of laughter and sober comedy. He was a writer, actor, director, and producer all by himself. A master of extempore and fluent stand-up comedy, he could make his audience literally laugh to death. Once when I was suffering with seasonal asthma and watching one of his shows, I started laughing so hard that I nearly choked. Someone had to switch off the television. I have even seen dignitaries, who are known to be misers at laughing, rolling with laughter at his jokes.

He was a favorite and in demand all over the world – be it award shows or stage performances. He especially made a good pair with Moin Akhter, another legend we have lost. I don’t think Pakistan will see any other artist who will match his acumen and wit for a long time.

Malik ul Quddoos