Tuesday September 21, 2021

Bajaur police resolve blind murder case, 2 held

July 21, 2021

KHAR: The Bajaur police has resolved a blind murder case and arrested two alleged killers at the boundary between Bajaur and Malakand districts on Tuesday.

The police were informed that unknown persons had thrown out a body from the vehicle in Barang Targhao area and fled the scene.

Upon information, District Police Officer (DPO) Abdul Samad Khan and Superintendent of Police (investigation) Muhammad Zaman alerted the police and barricaded the entry and exit points across the district to arrest the accused.

Teams of Quick Response Force were also constituted to chase the alleged killers while the police of neighbouring districts were also informed about the incident.

After hectic efforts, the police succeeded to arrest the accused at Selai police post located at the boundary between Bajaur and Malakand districts. The alleged killers were identified as Sultan Muhammad and Jan Muhammad, residents of Alai in Battagram district.

The police said that the accused had shot dead one Yousaf Khan, also a resident of Alai, and then threw his body in Barang Targhao area. The motive behind the killing was stated to be kidnapping a girl from Barang Targhao by the slain man and then contracting marriage with her.