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Prince William, Charles risking ‘all-out war’ over Prince Andrew’s royal return

Prince William and Charles are said to be ‘risking an all-out royal war after blocking Prince Andrew’s return

By Web Desk
June 14, 2022

Prince William and Prince Charles are said to be ‘risking an all-out royal war’ after reportedly lobbying with the Queen against Prince Andrew’s plans for a royal return, reported The Daily Star.

William and Charles, heirs to the throne, allegedly gave the Queen an ‘ultimatum’ over allowing Prince Andrew to take part in the Order of the Garter service on Monday, June 13, effectively blocking the disgraced Duke of York from making a public appearance.

This came days after it was reported that Prince Andrew had been demanding the Queen to reinstate his HRH status and his position as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards; he lost his royal and military titles earlier this year while fighting a civil sex assault case.

Commenting on this fresh royal drama in a new article, royal expert Daniela Elser said: “The battle lines are drawn.”

“William and Charles, fretting about just how much damage one puffed-up duke might do the monarchy before it’s their chance to run the show versus the various HRHs who would seem to think they have gotten a bum deal and want a bigger helping of what they (or at least Andrew) think is rightfully theirs.”

She added: “This situation, unless it’s managed very carefully, could lead to an all-out royal war.”

Elser then explained the situation with the help of a major historical moment in British monarchy; the War of the Roses.

“The War of the Roses was very long and very convoluted: decades of pointless fighting which involved lots of men with names like Percy and Peregrine having limbs lopped off a battlefield. The bloody dynastic conflict was all about power and money, and stirring the pot vigorously was one Richard, Duke of York,” Elser wrote.

She further added: “While no one is likely to lose an appendage in a muddy paddock anytime soon, today we have another Duke of York whose ego and sense of entitlement looks set to spark a new royal civil war.”

“The moral of the story is, things don’t end well for greedy dukes, a lesson Andrew would do well to learn and quick sticks,” Elser concluded.