Saturday June 25, 2022

Kamyab Pakistan Programme: PM Imran Khan announces Rs407b interest-free loans for low-income groups

4.5 million families would benefit from the interest-free loans, says PM Imran Khan

March 02, 2022
PM Imran Khan launches interest-free loans under Kamyab Pakistan Programme. Photo: PID
PM Imran Khan launches interest-free loans under Kamyab Pakistan Programme. Photo: PID   

ISLAMABAD: In a bid to make low-income segments of the society financially self-reliant, Prime Minister Imran Khan Wednesday launched an interest-free loan programme worth Rs407 billion.

Addressing the launching ceremony of interest-free loans under Kamyab Pakistan Programme at the Faisal Mosque, PM Imran said 4.5 million families would benefit from the interest-free loans to start their small businesses, construct homes, farming and learning technical education.

Under Kamyab Pakistan Programme, the loans will be disbursed among the youth, women, farmers and for the construction of low-income houses during the next two years.

“So far Rs2.5 billion had been disbursed among the low-income groups in various welfare schemes,” he said, adding that the banks had also given loans of Rs55 billion after the government encouraged them to facilitate the common man.

He said Pakistan had been envisioned as a socio-welfare country in line with the golden principles of Islam’s first State of Medina.

The prime minister said that providing free medical treatment worth Rs1 million to every household annually was a proud step taken by the PTI government.

All the tax money collected by the government would be spent on the welfare of the general public, he added.

Speaking on the occasion, the prime minister regretted that Pakistan in the past could not achieve its due place in the comity of nations because it did not pursue the ideology for which it was created. 

He noted that the nations which forget their ideology never succeed.

PM Imran said that he is inaugurating Rahmatul-lil Alameen authority tomorrow and the aim is to acquaint the youth with the life and teachings of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

He also expressed satisfaction over the record revenue collection made by the FBR saying it is because of enhanced revenue, the government was able to reduce the prices of petrol and diesel by ten rupees per litre and the electricity tariff by five rupees per unit.

Urging the people to pay their taxes, he assured that this revenue will be used to uplift the poor class and reduce the burden of inflation on the people.