Tuesday May 17, 2022

DG schools issues advisory for parents amid COVID-19 surge in Sindh

The government intends to keep schools open, says advisory

January 18, 2022
Student in a classroom. -AFP
Student in a classroom. -AFP

KARACHI: Amid the rising number of COVID-19 cases, the Sindh Education Department Tuesday issued an advisory for parents, asking them not to take their children to weddings and public places as the government intends to keep schools open.

In the advisory, Director-General Schools Dr Mansoob Hussain Siddiqui noted that the new coronavirus variant is spreading rapidly in the country, especially in Karachi, where the positivity rate has reached 40%.

“Its victims are children, in particular,” it noted, asking parents to act upon the suggestions to protect their kids from this disease.

The statement also mentioned the government’s intention to keep educational institutions open so that education may continue without suspension to save the precious time of the students.

Recommendations for parents:

  1. Children must be got vaccinated immediately. To facilitate the parents, District Health Department Teams are visiting the schools for this purpose.
  2. Children must not be allowed/taken out of the houses until and unless it is unavoidable.
  3. They may be prevented to join gatherings at shopping malls markets, marriage halls, parties and parks etc. as for as it is possible.
  4. They may be instructed to observe SOPs like to wear masks in the school and classrooms etc, without fail.
  5. On their return to home from outside, they may be asked to wash their hands and faces with soap to get rid of any possible germs.
  6. They may also be advised not to purchase/ eat any edibles from outside.

The advisory maintained that parents, as primary caregivers, must ensure that their children take the necessary precautions to save themselves from COVID-19 and its spread.

It is pertinent to mention that the government is mulling to close schools for children under 12 years of age and impose strict restrictions in cities where the positivity is high.

A decision to this effect will be announced soon after consultation is completed with all the stakeholders.