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We have to provide free education to children: Sindh education minister

Sindh education minister says "private school students only know English"

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September 08, 2021
Sindh Education Minister Sardar Shah.—
Sindh Education Minister Sardar Shah.—

KARACHI: Sindh Education Minister Sardar Shah Wednesday said that under Article 25, "we have to provide free education to children".

Addressing a function organised for the launch of the Advanced Quality Alternative Learning Project, the minister said that children studying in private schools do not know anything except for English, “they do not know anything about science and chemistry”.

The Sindh Education Department and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) have jointly launched the project aimed at promoting education among women.

The education minister stated: “We lack human resources, not money.”

Shedding light on the conditions of government schools, Shah said: “Government schools are closed because there are no teachers. We will address the issue regarding the shortage of teachers so that closed government schools can be reopened."