Friday September 24, 2021

Coronavirus vaccine is a must, beware of those who create doubt: President Alvi

Coronavirus vaccine is given in two doses and takes a few weeks to become effective, says President Alvi
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March 21, 2021
Prime Minister Imran Khan gets coronavirus vaccine shot (L) and President Arif Alvi (R). 

President Arif Alvi took to Twitter to caution people against believing in theories that discredit coronavirus vaccine, saying that getting vaccinated "is a must".

The president clarified on Sunday that the vaccine is, in most cases, 100% effective while in others, reduces the severity of the infection.

"Covid-19 vaccination is a must. It is given in two doses & takes a few weeks to become effective. In most cases it is 100% effective & in remaining, severity of infection is greatly reduced which increases survival rate," President Alvi cautioned via a tweet. "Beware of those who create doubt, as they know not."

The president's tweet was posted a day after Prime Minister Imran Khan and his wife tested positive for coronavirus. While many people prayed for the premier and his wife's speedy recovery, many cast doubts over the efficiency of the coronavirus vaccine.

PM Imran had been vaccinated a couple of days before they tested positive for the infection.

PM Imran Khan was not "fully vaccinated": Health ministry

Shortly after news of the prime minister testing positive broke, the Federal Health Ministry clarified that the premier had not been "fully vaccinated" when he was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

The health ministry had clarified that the premier had only received the first dose of the vaccine and that too merely 2 days ago.

It had explained that that timeframe was "too soon for any vaccine to become effective".

"Antibodies develop 2-3 weeks after the second dose of 2-dose COVID vaccines," the ministry had clarified.