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Web Desk
March 8, 2021

Meghan Markle makes earthshaking revelations about her wedding and intention of suicide in tell-all interview


Web Desk
Mon, Mar 08, 2021

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spoke out about their time in the royal family as their much-awaited  interview with Oprah Winfrey finally aired on Sunday.

During the interview, The Duchess of Sussex revealed the truth about her marriage to the Duke, saying she and Harry had married three days before royal wedding.

Meghan described her own "suicidal thoughts" in an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey,  revealing that she did not want to live any more and told her husband Prince Harry.

There were discussions among the royal family about her and Prince Harry's son's skin color.

Meghan Markle revealed the British royal family refused to make her son Archie a prince partly due to conversations about how dark his skin might be.

Meghan and Harry's second baby will be a girl. 

In the bombshell interview, the pair also revealed their second baby will be a girl. 

Speaking to the talk show host, the duke said, “to have a boy and then a girl, what more can you ask for? But now we’ve got our family. We’ve got the four of us and our two dogs.” 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also said they did not "blindside" either Queen Elizabeth or other members of the royal family when they announced they would take a step back from official duties.

Meghan said she had a "clear and real and frightening thought" about suicide while a working member of the royal family. Harry said she did not receive any support from the royal family over her mental health, saying, "it was not a conversation to be had."

"I didn't know who to turn to," Harry said. Harry said he continued to ask his family for help, and had several conversations with his father, even to the point where his own father wasn't answering his calls.

Additionally, Meghan said that "in the months when I was pregnant… we have in tandem the conversation of he won't be given security, he's not going to be given a title, and also concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he's born."

“If I knew that if I didn’t say it, that I would do it. I just didn’t want to be alive any more.”

She says she went to “one of the most senior people” in the royal household to get help but was told it would be a bad look.

"I share this because there are so many people who are afraid of getting help."

She says she went to the human resources department and said she needed help. According to her, they responded as saying: "there is nothing we can do for you, because you are not a paid member of the institution."

“I just didn’t want to be alive any more ... it was very real and frightening and a constant.”

“It takes some much courage to admit that you need help,” Meghan said. “To admit how dark of a place you’re in.”

Meghan also disclosed the truth about her approach to the Princess Diana’s best friends for help.

Meghan also spoke of private pain at public engagements: 'I was weeping' 

Prince Harry's sweetheart said she didn’t want to go to an event but was too scared to be left alone given the state of her mental health.

She says she and Harry were smiling and doing their job at the event but “every time the lights went down in the royal box I was weeping”.

Nobody should have to go through that, Oprah says.

“It takes so much courage to admit that you need help. It took so much courage to voice that. I didn’t want to put more weight on my husband’s shoulders. He’s already carrying the weight of the world," Meghan added.

Explaining the couple´s dramatic exit from royal life, Meghan said she was denied help during her mental health crisis, was targeted by lies, and that there was official concern about the skin color of her unborn son.

Meghan, whose father is white and mother is Black, spoke out in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that immediately became one of the most extraordinary chapters in recent royal history and was set to rock the British institution.

"I... just didn´t want to be alive anymore. And that was a very clear and real and frightening constant thought," she told Winfrey, describing the impact of a torrent of vitriol from hostile tabloids and social media.

Asked if she had had suicidal thoughts while pregnant, Meghan replied "Yes. This was very, very clear."

Recalling how she felt at the time, she said that "I´m scared, because this is very real."

Meghan, 39, also told of royal "concerns" about "how dark" her son´s skin would be, saying Harry revealed to her official conversations over Archie´s appearance, as well as the security he would be entitled to, ahead of his birth on May 6, 2019.

After the couple´s surprise decision to move to North America, the former television actress has been portrayed in some British newspapers as headstrong, calculating and spoiled, and the couple reckless and selfish for quitting royal life.

The two-hour interview with the queen of US television was the biggest royal tell-all since Harry´s mother princess Diana detailed her crumbling marriage to his father Prince Charles in 1995.

Harry, 36, revealed the deep divisions within his family, saying he felt "really let down" by how his father had handled the situation.

But he also said Charles -- the heir to the throne -- and Harry´s older brother William were "trapped" by the conventions of the monarchy.

"They don´t get to leave. And I have huge compassion for that," he said.

Winfrey reportedly sold the interview to US broadcaster CBS for $7-9 million, and retained the international rights to the footage, which will feed an appetite of interest about Britain´s centuries-old monarchy -- and their troubles -- across the globe.

Royal fans were offered a treat when the couple revealed the gender of their second child -- the first senior royal due to be born outside Britain in 100 years.

"It´s a girl!" Harry and Meghan chimed in tandem.

But it was a rare light-hearted moment in the drawn-out interview -- and viewers who tuned in to see if the pair had scores to settle with Buckingham Palace were likely left shocked at how far they went.

Taking aim squarely at senior royals, Markle flatly denied reports -- feasted on by the gossip press -- that she made Kate Middleton cry before her wedding to Harry, saying the reality was the opposite.

"Everyone in the institution knew it wasn´t true," Meghan told Winfrey.

"The reverse happened," Meghan added, saying that Kate "was upset about something, but she owned it, and she apologized."

"A few days before the wedding, she was upset about something pertaining -- yes, the issue was correct -- about flower girl dresses, and it made me cry, and it really hurt my feelings."

Meghan called the claims "the beginning of a real character assassination" and "a turning point" in her relations with the royal family.

"I came to understand that not only was I not being protected but that they were willing to lie to protect other members of the family," she said.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have shared shocking details as the couple sat down with Oprah Winfrey for the biggest royal interview since Princess Diana’s famous 1995 tell-all with the BBC’s Panorama program.