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Influencer Dananeer Mobeen aspires to become a CSS officer one day

Mobeen says she is “very academically oriented” and is confident about appearing in CSS exam

By Web Desk
February 17, 2021

Dananeer Mobeen, the woman behind the recently-viral "pawri hori hai" video, has shared that she wishes to become a Central Superior Service (CSS) officer one day instead of joining the entertainment industry as a professional.

The 19-year-old influencer, whose video has taken the internet by storm, said she recently got done with her A-Levels and is in the process of applying to universities. She said her main goal in life is to appear in the  CSS exam.

“After I’m done with my bachelors, I will be doing my CSS,” Dananeer told Geo Pakistan.

Dananeer said she is receiving offers from [the showbiz industry] since her video went viral. 

“It can be an adventure [to join the entertainment industry] but I know what I want to do and I’m very sure about doing CSS,” said the content creator, adding that she is “very academically oriented” and knows what she’s doing and is confident about her goals in life.

The content creator credited her family for her success, saying she considers herself “lucky” that they supported her even before her video went viral.

Dananeer was also asked about the meaning of her unique name, upon which she revealed that it is of ancient Arabic origin and means ‘daulat’ (wealth).

Video helps people ‘express themselves’

The hosts of Geo Pakistan asked Mobeen why she thinks her video went viral. In response, she said it helped people “express themselves”.

“I think this video [went viral] because it helps people express themselves. These three sentences can fit at any point or situation of your life,” said Dananeer. She added that whoever saw the video was able to relate to it and execute a version showcasing their lives.

“The reason behind this video was that whoever sees it enjoys it,” said the 19-year-old influencer.

Dananeer had gone viral last week and her video has been re-shared thousands of times across social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and others, not only in Pakistan but in other countries as well.

"Yeh hamari car hei aur yeh hum hein, aur yeh hamari parrrty horahi hei" [This is our car, this is us, and this is our party], she could be seen saying in the video.