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Ready to speak to India on Kashmir issue, says PM Imran Khan on Kashmir Day

PM Imran Khan promises Kashmiris that Pakistan will grant them the right to be a free state, if they so wish

By Web Desk
February 05, 2021
Prime Minister Imran Khan, addressing a public gathering, held in Kotli to mark Kashmir Day, on February 5, 2021. — Geo News

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday reiterated his offer for a dialogue on the Kashmir dispute to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

His offer came during a public gathering in Kotli, near the Line of Control, as the nation observed Kashmir Solidarity Day..

Addressing the Indian prime minister, he said: "Narendra Modi I had tried as soon as I came into power to improve our relations and solve the Kashmir issue according to the United Nations resolution. I say this again, there is no other way. Today, I say to you again. Come resolve this Kashmir dispute with us. And for that, the first thing you must do is to restore Article 370. And then speak to us. And then, as per the United Nations Resolution, give the Kashmiris their due right.

"We are ready to speak to you again. But I say this again. Do not mistake our hand of friendship for weakness. This country, Pakistan, belongs to those who bow to no one but God. We do not fear anyone but Him. So do not think we say this with fear.

"We want the people of Kashmir to get their right. We want this oppression to end. We want Kashmiris to decide their own future. It is their human right and democratic right. And for this, all of Pakistan stands with them," the prime minister said.

'Pakistan will grant all Kashmiris right to be free'

PM Imran Khan  vowed to raise his voice for Kashmiris "until the day they get freedom".

"However much I can, I am raising my voice on your behalf at every forum, and will continue to do so. Whether it is with the United Nations, world leaders, or European Union leaders. I asked the past president of the US three times as well to resolve this issue.

"Rest assured, I said I will be the ambassador of Kashmir, and I will raise my voice for you everywhere until Kashmir gets freedom," PM Imran Khan said.

He reminded the United Nations that it has "not fulfilled  [its] duty". "You did not live up to your promise," he said.

He promised Kashmiris that Pakistan will grant them — both the people of Azad Kashmir and occupied Kashmir — the right to be a free state, if they so wish.

The prime minister said not only the entire Pakistan nation stands with the oppressed Kashmiris, but the entire Muslim nation. "Even if for whatever reason some Muslim country is not (outwardly) supporting you, I guarantee that the entire Muslim world stands with you."

He further said that even non-Muslim countries, that believe in justice, wish to see Kashmir get its due right which the United Nations had promised.

'We feel your pain'

"I also wish to give this message to the people of occupied Kashmir, that we are aware of the acts of oppression and tyranny being carried out against you.

"Parents are told their son has been disappeared or they hear that he is a martyr. Being a father, I wish to say, we all know what you must be going through, the kind of pain you are going through, the tyrants you are facing, and how you are standing strong," said the prime minister.

'India can never win'

Speaking of India's government, he said when the PTI came into power, "I tried my best that we give them a message of peace and explain to them that the Kashmir dispute will not be resolved with your cruelty."

"No army can win against a united people. History tells us this. America, a superpower, could not win against Vietnam. They won their freedom. Afghanistan's history tells us this too. So many superpowers came there but none won against the people," PM Imran Khan said.

He also cited the example of Algerians against the French.

"Even if India brings in an army greater than 900,000, it will be up against an entire population which will never accept to be their slaves," the premier said, adding that as soon as a child is born in Kashmir "the desire for freedom awakens even in his heart".

"I tell India this today: they can never win now. Not when a people do not even accept you."

He said despite the lockdown in occupied Kashmir since August 5, people's spirits are not broken and they continue to seek freedom. "No pro-India Kashmir politician can ever win the election there. I can say this in writing," he added.

PM Imran Khan said it confounded him that India is not moving ahead with a dialogue. "After Pulwama they came and martyred our trees in Balakot [...] you know how fond I am of trees. It was very painful that they destroyed those trees. It was then that I knew they do not wish peace or friendship. They used Balakot to win their elections."

He said the Arnab Goswami "revelations showed that this was pre-planned to win elections". He also spoke of the 600 fake websites unearthed by the EUDisinfolab which were peddling propaganda against PM Imran Khan and the Pakistan Army.

"Today their RSS agenda and ideology is plain for everyone to see."

He said they ended up damaging their own nation. "The country is divided. The RSS ideology has harmed their own selves the most and will continue to."

"The Muslims are suffering, the farmers are suffering. The minorities are all fearful. Because such an ideology for a while may win you the election but this fascist ideology destroys the fabric of society," PM Imran Khan said.