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Sindh govt hints at delay in exams

A committee has been formed to finalise the academic calendar, says Saeed Ghani

By Web Desk
January 22, 2021
Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani.

KARACHI: The Sindh government has hinted at the delay in exams in the province due to the prolonged closure educational institutions.

While talking to media after a meeting of the Steering Committee to review the resumption of educational activities and the academic calendar, Education Minister Saeed Ghani said the pandemic has affected everything and the government is working to streamline the process.

"We discussed in detail about the academic year and all the stakeholders were agreed that we should not take examinations in haste and ensure that at least 60% of the curriculum is taught comprehensively."

Ghani said the exams may be delayed by one or two months to provide ample time to the teachers to cover the course and for students to prepare for the examination.

The provincial education minister said a committee has been formed which would consult other educational authorities and recommend regarding the examination and admission process of all school, colleges and universities because they are all interlinked.

"It would finalise its recommendation in a week and share the details with the government on January 30 before the reopening of primary schools and universities."

He said that in-person learning for class 9 to class 12 have started while rest of the educational institutions will open by February 1.

The education minister said classes 1 to 8 and universities will reopen from February 1 with the condition that educational institution’s administration calls in students in two groups – 50% of the students on one day while other half will be called in the next day.

Ghani said the provincial government would be conducting a census of private schools.

On coronavirus measures, he said random testing will continue at educational institutions. Ghani reflected that both health and education ministries would have differing opinions on the matter. "And that is how it should be."