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Sialkot court orders couple be jailed over 'abuse' of 14-year-old housemaid

Child claims Sialkot couple did not provide her a bed to sleep and forced her to eat 'discarded' food

By Web Desk
January 11, 2021

  • Sialkot couple sent to prison for alleged abuse of 14-year-old
  • Minor was employed as housemaid

SIALKOT: A couple that allegedly abused a minor housemaid on "a daily basis" were ordered to be jailed by a local court in Sialkot on Monday.

Geo News, which had highlighted the case that led to the 14-year-old's recovery following a raid, reported that police had arrested the couple from Muradpur locality in Sialkot.

 Today, the police presented the detained couple before a civil judge for allegedly physical abuse. The chid claimed the couple did not provide her a bed to sleep at night and forced her to eat food that "discarded and thrown into the garbage".

After hearing police complaint, the judge sent the couple to prison.

A day earlier, the police said the couple would stay under custody until the medical reports are furnished. The minor had told authorities that her employers kept her at their home due to non-repayment of the money that her father had borrowed from them.

Muradpur police station house officer (SHO) had said at the time the victim was under mental duress and was handed over to the Child Protection and Welfare Bureau (CP&WB).

Shehzad, the man accused of torturing the girl, denied the allegations against him and his wife, claiming the "girl is a relative".